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Welcome to my website Photography has been my passion since more than fifteen years now. Therefore I would like to  present you a lot of high quality photos, mainly-but not only- with the subject aviation which is  another hobby of mine. Aviation photography is the chase for perfect pictures preferably from a  rare aircraft or airline, a new livery or anything that might be special for another reason. But I don’t  want to focus only on aviation here since the world around us offers way more to see. I especially  fell in love with landscape and travel photography. To browse through the website please use the  dropdown menu in the top left corner of this site. To see what's new check the categories below for  updates. Thank you for your visit!  
Airborne, last update 28.01.2015 Enjoy the great view out of aircrafts. From high above there, the world looks small and completely different. With great cloud formations or spectacular sunsets, this gallery shows what flying really is about. This time you can enjoy ta breathtaking view London at dusk.
Art, last update 06.07.2014 An artistic approach on photography. This gallery includes pictures that are very special in any possible way. Object, cropping, focus or digital improvement. Enjoy!
Spotting, last update 04.09.2016   Time for a completely new aircraft type for me! Swiss recently introduced their CSeries 100 Jet that will replace their aging fleet of Avros in the next months. The CSeries is manufactured by Bombardier and Swiss is launch customer. It is a direct competitior to the A319 and Boeing B737-700. Seen here operating a flight into Budapest BUD.
Trips, last update 16.02.2016 I took a trip to Kittila, Finland recently. Lapland in winter is very special as we had of course a lot of snow, northern lights and temperatures of -39,5°C one day. The nature up there is so special and impressive. A place from which you probably don’t see pictures very often.
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Airborne: 28.01.2015
Art: 06.07.2014
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Trips: 16.02.2016